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What our clients say about us


"Theodo are brilliant, I can’t imagine achieving what we’ve achieved with any other agency. Theodo are the full package, the people, the process and the technology.  I can’t recommend them highly enough."


"I would definitely recommend Theodo to anyone who has digital products at the heart of their business."


"The Theodo team delivers both methodological expertise and exceptional technical skills. With them, we developed our new web application in record time, within our budget and deadlines!"

Who we are

We're a team of digital experts - passionate engineers, scrum masters and business people. We're alumni of the best universities across Europe which means that we bring an intelligent curious approach to finding digital solutions to complex business problems. We're agile experts - we fundamentally believe in lean principles. Our mission is to eliminate waste and streamline our ways of working to deliver value to our customers. We have offices in Paris and London, our team of Theodoers is french and english, our culture combines the best of both

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