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Early Metrics is a ratings agency for start-ups, enabling decision makers to find analysis of small businesses with whom they are establishing relationships. 

The business had launched using an 'out-of-the-box' Software as a Service platform. However, the platform had reached it's limits for scaling. Early Metrics needed a way to capitalise on their loyal customer base in order to grow. 

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The Challenge

  • The business had no in-house technical team and wanted to see how far they could grow the company using a free platform

  • The customer base Early Metrics had built in this way was loyal, but not evangelical. Typically, only one person in a given company would use the service

  • In addition, the process for analysts to populate reports was time-consuming

  • Decision-makers who used the service were unable to contact entrepreneurs directly

Theodo’s Approach

  • Theodo developed a custom-built solution within Early Metrics' existing platform

  • The application was designed to make sharing reports far simpler, so that their value would be recognised across businesses rather than staying with a single user

  • It provided tracking functionality so that Early Metrics was able to understand how its clients used the application

  • We made the flow of creating analysis reports far more intuitive to eliminate time wasted on this previously manual procedure

  • We fostered a close relationship with the client through daily updates as well as weekly meetings. Investing this time into the product alongside us that the client was able to prioritise in the smartest way possible. We delivered the minimum viable product he wanted within five weeks

Business value delivered

  • A minimum viable product within five weeks

  • The client has had customers purchase upon first meeting since the launch of the updated product

Technologies used

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