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E-commerce integrated social media app for athletes

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MyGear’s innovative social media platform for passionate, sporting enthusiasts

MyGear came to Theodo UK with a vision to create a platform, which would allow users to explore and share their passions of high-end sport through immersive content experiences. The noise and lack of curation in existing networks made it difficult for users to effectively find and explore high-end sports gear, which provided MyGear with a unique and engaging opportunity to connect like-minded individuals and communities.

Via our collaboration, MyGear sought to bring their innovative social media concept to life and revolutionise the way people engage with content online. The focus of the app was to provide a noise-free and elegant environment, which would enable users to showcase their gear and discover new products seamlessly.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Accelerating success: delivering MyGear’s MVP in 12 Weeks to meet tight deadlines and business objectives

We partnered closely with the team at MyGear, engaging in regular feedback sessions to ensure the app aligned with MyGear’s vision and business objectives. Our agile approach allowed for flexibility and adaptability, which enabled us to incorporate feedback to refine and enhance the features continuously and provide the maximum value.

This perfectly aligned with MyGear’s primary focus on the speed of development. By prioritising swift and iterative processes, we delivered a minimum viable product (MVP) of the social media app within just 12 weeks. This allowed us to meet MyGear’s tight deadline of launching the app by Q1 of the next year.

Revolutionising the high-end sports gear community

The app tailored to the specific needs of high-end sport enthusiasts by allowing users to discover and explore attractive gear relevant to their sports of choice, which initially focused on UK-based skiing and tennis players. By harnessing Theodo’s expertise in front-end technologies, especially React Native, the app offered a seamless and consistent user experience across iOS and Android platforms. Within one platform, sporting enthusiasts could showcase their gear, generate revenue via affiliate sales, and build an engaged community of like-minded individuals to secure a steady user retention rate.

We built for the future to ensure MyGear could continue to grow, and integrated granular user data collection into the platform to enable personalised content recommendations and targeted affiliate sales to further drive user engagement and revenue generation for influencers and partners in the long-term.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Seamless sports engagement: elevating MyGear world with cutting-edge technologies - React Native, Expo, Supabase, Mixpanel, and Sentry

In addition to the seamless user experience across iOS and Android by leveraging React Native and Expo, Expo ensured we could streamline our development via a quick setup without the complexities of Native-specific configurations for an efficient start. The set up was simplified further by using Supabase as an open-source Firebase alternative to provide MyGear World with a scalable Postgres database, authentication and instant APIs out of the box. The consequential reduction in backend complexity allowed the app to easily handle a growing user base without compromising performance.

During development and following the launch, Expo’s Over-the-Air (OTA) updates and Sentry’s error and logging tool helped our team to detect and resolve issues promptly, save valuable development time and provide seamless fixes and content changes to ensure users always had the latest and most optimal experience without the requirement of frequent app changes.

Our focus on helping MyGear succeed in the long-term was enhanced via Mixpanel’s integration, which enriched the app with robust data analytics capabilities to provide valuable insights into user behaviour, enable data-driven decision-making, and precise optimisation of app features based on user preferences.

These technologies collectively added immense value to MyGear World, setting it apart as a feature-rich and stable platform for high-end sports gear enthusiasts, influencers, and affiliates to connect and share their passion for sports gear.

Christian Huot
"The agile methodology that Theodo employs makes all the difference in terms of the development process. We were very satisfied with the collaboration, and although we will be sad not to work with Theodo for now, I’m sure we’ll be knocking on their door again in the future.”

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