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Why use Python?

Python is a widely used high level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability. It is commonly used in the backend of web apps, including successful web-based companies such as Dropbox and Pinterest.

At Theodo, we use a range of Python frameworks including Flask, a "microframework" which is an excellent choice for building smaller applications, APIs, and web services. It is a very modular tool, letting us accelerate development by selecting from an extensive library of development, analysis and testing tools.

Why we like Python

Large developer community

Python has a very large online community, constantly improving existing modules and producing exciting new ones.  As developers, this means we can access component libraries and a community of support to accelerate development for our clients.

Exceptional scientific libraries

Widely used by the scientific community for the past decade, Python is one of the best high level language for mathematical computation and machine learning. Which means if you are into Big Data, it is probably what you are looking for.

Flask philosophy

The Flask framework focuses on providing the tools needed to build the app, and only them. This means it's easy to divide the application backend into several microservices which will be more easily developed and maintained. Furthermore, we can create flask starter kits and reduce the boilerplate code for each new microservice.

Python and Theodo

  • Complementary philiosophy 
  • Dozens of successful Python projects delivered
  • Expertise in complex Financial Services projects developed using Flask microservices and Python data analysis 
  • Python and Lean Start Up methodology delivers results into production in weeks not months 

The Benefits

  • Huge opensource ecosystem accelerates development

  • Mature and well supported by hosting companies

  • Extensive component library enables rapid effective development

  • Reliable tool used by web giants

  • Ease of maintenance


"I love building in Python. You can build massive systems quickly, it's really scalable."


How Flask Was Used In
Investment Banking

We were working with a major french investment manager around innovative asset management solutions. We produced several applications allowing advisors to show investment simulations to their clients, and let them play with it. The whole backend of those applications is built upon several Flask microservices, each specialized on a certain job, keeping them really simple and easy to work on for several teams. As an example, we got a microservice only handling the huge database and exposing data. Another one is taking care of sending emails for all the apps.

Using Flask let us develop these modules rapidly and made it easy to create new backends on the fly. Furthermore, thanks to SQLAlchemy (an open source database library) we had no issue handling the massive database of our clients.

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