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Serverless Modernization

Serverless Modernization

by Theodo

London - New York - Paris

Become a tech leader in your industry by reducing costs and increasing agility with Serverless and AWS

Of IT spending will be directly allocated for digital transformation
Of executives believe they must pick up the pace to remain competitive
Of new applications are predicted to be cloud native by 2025
Serveless Modernization

It's time to embrace the cloud

Become a tech leader in your industry by adopting the leapfrogging capabilities of Serverless.

Theodo is partnered with AWS and Serverless Inc. to help companies adopt a Serverless approach to cloud-native modernization.

How we engage with clients?

Serverless allows your engineers to write the code that represents the value you add to your customers - rather than undifferentiated heavy lifting (all the difficult IT work that companies do that doesn't add value to their mission).
Through hands on training with delivery we leave your team with the autonomy to use Serverless to innovate at speed.


Serverless consultation

  • Find architectural solutions and map progressive modernization.
  • Hands-on guidance to Serverless First Architecture

Joint delivery capability building

  • Deliver towards clear business objectives.
  • Develop internal Serverless capability with guided hands-on training.
  • Serverless Skills matrix to track progress.

Continued delivery and transformation

  • Delivery augmentation and continued hands-on capability building.
  • Build a platform for continued Serverless transformation.
Ben Ellerdy AWS Hero

Our team of 300+ Engineers are experts in digital delivery and capability building with strong focus on Serverless, having our own AWS Serverless Hero and partnerships with AWS (Service Ready Consulting Partner) & Serverless Inc.

Ben Ellerby, VP Engineering

Benefits of serverless image

Benefits of serverless

How to become a tech leader

Serverless gives you the best technology to succeed without any of the management or maintenance cost.

  • Scales automatically
  • Efficient pay-per-use model
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced lead time from idea to customer
  • Higher quality applications faster
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We are leaders in Serverless, sharing our approaches and open-source tools with the global Serverless community.

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