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What our clients say

Steve Taplin | Director

"Theodo gave us confidence by delivering an application on weekly iterations letting us focus on other aspects of the project. The methodology was powerful, and all Alfa teams working in React are using it going forward. Theodo reminded us of how agility can truly speed up development, even with products that support a diverse, global customer base"

Gaurav Tandon | Head of Digital

"Delivering our app fast and on time was critical. To achieve this, the team found pragmatic technical solutions whilst keeping the business context in mind. I was impressed by the quality of work and visibility throughout."

Raphaël Caruso | Head of Innovation Lab

"Working with Theodo has been a tremendous experience. They delivered, on time, a state-of-the-art platform leveraging best-in-class Agile practices.
In addition, this dynamic and enthusiastic Theodo team always pushed us to reinvent ourselves to develop a game changing product. Can’t wait to work with them again!"

Antoine Baschiera | CEO & Founder

"Each team member added value from both a technical and business perspective. I believe that's unusual for an agency to offer - it's extremely valuable."

Erwan Le Guennec | Product Manager

"Communicating directly with developers meant there was a culture of openness where everyone was asking the right questions. "

Laurent Kokanosky | CTO

"The Theodo team delivers both methodological expertise and exceptional technical skills. With them, we developed our new web application in record time, within our budget and deadlines!"

Marie-Caroline Heydenreich | CEO & Founder

"5 months after going live, the site is running smoothly and the numbers are great! I would absolutely recommend Theodo and I hope to work with them again in the future."

Jean-Baptiste Limare | Business Head

 "Moving quickly was really important for the success of the project. We were able to launch the first version of the web app in less than 7 weeks. The feature we’ve built is exactly as I’d hoped and we’ve now hit double our initial commercial goal."


Gwen Le Calvez | CTO & Co-Founder

"Theodo ensured we built our web platform, and mobile/tablet application fast, but also in a secure and robust manner. As a CTO, I leaned on their technical expertise throughout the project. They were instrumental in helping us onboard our permanent in-house development team, bringing them up to speed both technically and methodologically."

Lloyd Phillips | E-commerce Manager

"It was great working with Theodo on the car finance launch and on all the optimisation we’ve done post-live. Theodo are driven and highly motivated by customer insight; so they’re really good at challenging us with all the decisions we make and jobs that we request – they make sure everything comes back to the customer."

Who we are

We’re a global team of over 200 digital experts, based in both France and the UK. You're looking at our UK team's site, where we total 40. We like to think we combine the best of both cultures. Yes, croissants on Mondays are compulsory.

We pride ourselves on our intelligence, curiosity and passion for all things entrepreneurial. We are on a mission to eliminate wasted time and energy at work by implementing smart digital solutions. 


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