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Products we've created with our clients

We work with ambitious innovators, large or small. We are as comfortable helping start ups develop their first digital solution as coaching corporate clients to embed our methodology in their organisations.

Start Ups

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Problems we've solved

Sports fans can easily find the bars that broadcast live the match of their choice near their home.

Home owners can leverage Facebook to rent to a trusted community.

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Individuals have the same level of financial information as investment professionals and can invest in a few clicks in growing start-ups & SMEs.

Companies looking for flexible office space can use an online platform that matches companies with landlords and commercial space providers

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Fintechs & banks

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Problems we've solved

Transitioned a Facebook messenger finance chatbot to a React Native app to help unlock new growth opportunities

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Wealth advisors offer their clients investment strategies that match their risk profile.

A bank's development team uses a library of shared components to deliver complex new applications faster.

Traders are able to configure and start the computation servers they need, on their own, without going through IT.

Insurance corporates & insurtech

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Problems we've solved

When you borrow a friend's car for a couple of hours or days, you can purchase insurance cover in just 2 minutes.

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CFOs can analyze the risk of their contracts & request insurance quotes within a dedicated platform.

Roommates can purchase flexible rental insurance without having to speak to an agent.

An underwriting team can evaluate the impact of pricing changes in real time.

Retail & e-commerce

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Problems we've solved

An online furniture store has a consistent omnichannel experience using a shared code base.

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Franchisees of a large opticians order contact lenses from a central web platform.

A wholesalers' customers can find products documentation via a custom search engine.

Architects receive AI suggestions of carpets that match the photo of the interior they are designing.


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Problems we've solved

SME's can protect themselves against non-payment from their clients.

A mobile game publisher launches marketing campaigns in 5 minutes to test them live.

Customers in a marketplace who order from multiple suppliers at a time only pay one delivery charge.

Restaurant owners can integrate a booking tool on their site without needing to code.


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Problems we've solved

Elderly patients can contact their carers remotely for check ups, prescriptions and anything else they may need. 

Women going through IVF are guided daily in their medical follow up to increase the chances of success.

People who want to lose weight have a personalised coaching tool.

Young people suffering symptoms of depression have access to a clinically approved interactive experience to increase engagement with therapy.