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Lifeshifter had been an offline business which was now ready to scale digitally. Lifeshifter's founder asked us to overhaul the website, automating sign-up, profile creation, project matching and posting briefs. In the absense of a technical team or CTO, we guided Jana through the strategy, planning and execution phases. 


The Challenge

  • Lifeshifter had already engaged with an offshore development agency which had cost time and money, with no tangible output

  • Lifeshifter needed to move quickly in order to reassure investors that progress was being made

  • Lifeshifter's founder was losing time completing manual processes which could have been automated

  • The design was being prepared at the same time as the website which threatened to decelerate development

  • The technical challenge was significant. We needed to build a platform from scratch, integrate several different systems, design the data model and create an elegant user journey for both candidates and businesses

Theodo’s Solution

  • We created a scrum team including Lifeshifter's founder as Product Owner, the Theodo technical team and designers. We met weekly and communicated progress on a daily basis.

  • Theodo developed a custom-built application that automated large parts of the candidate journey

  • We built the application to be mobile-first and responsive to multiple devices

  • Using a mix of AngularJS, KoaJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL and Sequelize, our team was able to deliver a complete custom built solution in only 8 weeks

Business Value Delivered

  • We prevented lengthy delays

  • We delivered a minimum viable product in 8 weeks

  • We secured investor confidence in Lifeshifter's executable technology strategy

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