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Matchpint allows sports fans to find the best pubs to watch games. Simultaneously, it allows pubs to promote their fixtures and attract new customers. The Matchpint team needed help to continue developing a B2C portal, an admin portal for pubs, a CRM and an integrated payment platform.


The Challenge

  • Matchpint did not have an internal technical team nor a CTO, so had not developed a robust technical strategy

  • The development, which they had started with an offshore team, was slow and the code was of poor quality

  • The platform was reliant on an offline payment system which cost the team time to use and introduced the risk of human error

Theodo's Solution

  • We developed a bespoke administration portal for pub owners. We fixed the existing code and continued development of the CRM, in addition to building an invoicing and payments platform

  • Theodo provided a native iOS team to debug and continue the development of the mobile application

  • We supported Matchpint to build their own technical team. We recruited two developers on their behalf and embedded them in Theodo teams over their initial training period. This gave them an induction to Agile and Lean methodologies, as well as the Matchpint technology stack

Business Value delivered

  • Accelerated growth for Matchpint as the team could focus on signing up clients instead of manually implementing now-automated tasks

  • A faster and higher quality technical solution for Matchpint

  • A cost-effective and vetted long-term technology strategy, as well as a technically confident internal junior development team to take on the future development of the Matchpint platform

Technologies used

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