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Marie-Caroline identified the issues of trust faced by Air BnB and launched ‘Mi casa es tu casa’ to solve this. Following great success, as a Facebook group with thousands of users, the platform was becoming tough to manage and needed to scale beyond the stage of a side-project. Theodo were able to help Mi Casa build the platform to make it a scalable business whilst maintaining their network of trust.


The Challenge

  • A lot of time was wasted formatting posts and manually matchmaking renters and owners. As the popularity of the page increased, it became necessary to automate

  • Maintaining the exclusivity offered by a Facebook group, whilst improving the renting process, through a smart search engine and intelligent ads

Theodo’s Solution

  • Delivered an MVP in just 5 weeks

  • Built a platform enabling trusted members to post, find and book holiday homes

  • Tech stack: ReactJS, Django

  • Tech issues solved: Integration with Stripe and Facebook APIs

Business Value Delivered

  • Automated process for posting advertisements saving time for site administrators

  • Improved the customer journey for both owners and renters through a seamless journey from Facebook to website

  • Provided Marie-Caroline with the possibility to autonomously adjust the pricing of the different options in real time

Technologies used

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