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Bespoke Web Development Services London

We build bespoke web platforms in weeks, not months.

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Web Development For Superior Performance

Web development process

Your business success depends on the solutions your brand can deliver in the digital world. That’s why we leverage cutting-edge, relevant, open-source technologies to scale up your product design and development.

From marketplaces and e-commerce sites to back-office enterprise solutions, we build successful digital products and tools within weeks.

Through an iterative approach and with you being part of the engineering team, we craft strategic digital solutions with your users at the core of everything we do. Scale your development, design and build great web platforms and web applications with one of the top web development companies in the UK.


Who We Have Helped

We built a chatbot app to unlock new growth opportunities for Cleo, a growing FinTech startup.
We delivered an omni-channel experience with applications on mobile, web and and in the London showroom. 
We built a mobile app to enable Admiral Veygo's users to buy short-term car insurance in seconds on the move.


"They harness the agile methodology well, taking a big team and operation and applying it seamlessly."

Test Analyst, Admiral Group

"We’re not managing a couple of contracted developers on loan; we’re working very closely with a tightly-knit team."

Vice President, Leasing Company

"This engagement feels less like a supplier relationship and more like a genuine partnership."

Director of Engineering, Consultancy

"We managed to achieve more than what we were expecting at the start of the project."

Data Scientist, VLSI Research Europe

"I was impressed with how much energy Theodo put into the six-week process."

Director of Corporate Development, Healthcare Provider

"Theodo kicked off our project with little need for onboarding and executed our goals quickly."

Former Product Manager, Hostmaker

“They have excellent communication and always respond promptly to our concerns and questions.”

Executive, Wonderspace

Why Choose Theodo For Your Web Platform Development?

Scoping, building, and deploying a web application can become a reality for your company—but only if supported by a precisely cultivated web development process and team.



We leverage relevant and modern open-source technologies to ensure that your platform can scale whilst being performant ready for the volume of users you anticipate to have.

Path 42@2x


Our methodology builds increasing efficiency into the way we work. We ship code as early and regularly as possible to the market, so as to learn and improve based on how your customers use your products.

Path 29@2x


Our framework is inspired by Agile, Lean, Scrum and DevOps thinking. For over 10 years, we have partnered with brands to successfully help them generate engagement, higher conversions and measurable results. 

How We Approach Your Web Development

1. Identify Your Technical Challenge

Our web design journey begins with the creation of a mini-feature. One of our senior developers creates the mini-feature which allows us to predict any technical issues that we may encounter before we start the website design and development.

2. Conduct a Discovery Workshop

Our development team sits down with your team to clarify and align the business objectives to the project. We discuss the scope of your project and goals in-depth, to ensure that our strategy meets your business needs.

3. Every Step Of The Way

On a weekly basis, we’ll take the time to organise the steps that need to be taken to deliver successfully and quickly. This means that you will always have visibility on what’s coming up next and how long it’s going to take.

4. Develop & Release

We work to one-week sprints, focusing on features that you feel are a priority and going into deployment mode by releasing when a new feature is built.

5. Follow Up The Progress

Our work is then checked against a chart that maps time against the amount of work completed. This means no tunnel-vision so if there’s a problem, we’ll solve it and update you by the end of the day.

6. Improve & Iterate

At the end of each sprint, we celebrate the successes and fix the problems that may arise. By completing at least one action point each week to make us faster for the next. This means we can deliver projects with continuous improvement quick as a flash.


Your Business Is In Good Hands

We are a team of passionate and strategic future CEOs and CTOs with a successful portfolio of over 500 products. Business savvy engineers and digital product enthusiasts, alumni from the top UK universities, and based in London, New York, and Paris. Working with start-ups, scale-ups and corporate innovation teams is part of our DNA.

That’s what makes us the top development company in the UK.

We are Agile experts who can see what actually matters, solve problems quicker, and continuously innovate to give you superior performance. We are your own team.

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