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We turn our clients into industry leaders

Our mission is to change the way companies work and help them deliver greater value to their markets through designing and building web, data & mobile applications.

What we do


Reach customers on the go with our cutting-edge mobile app development. Our custom iOS and Android apps captivate users, enhancing your brand's mobile presence and driving customer loyalty.


Unleash your online potential with our expert web development. We create stunning, user-centric websites that boost your digital presence and engage customers effectively.


Scale your business with secure and flexible cloud technology. Our experts design robust infrastructure on AWS, Azure, or GCP, streamlining operations and enabling effortless scalability.

Digital Transformation

Embrace the future with our comprehensive digital transformation services from a specialist software development agency. We optimise processes, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable growth using agile methodologies and innovative technologies.

Generative AI

Pioneering the frontier with OpenAI, ChatGPT, LLM, Vector databases, Langchain, and Stable diffusion, we're redefining boundaries in Generative UX and AI-assisted products.

Corporate venture

Embrace the future with our comprehensive digital transformation services. We optimise processes, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable growth using agile methodologies and innovative technologies.

Trusted by 1,000+ companies

14+ years of experience in delivering products of the future

Theodo's collaborative methodology leads to lasting partnerships and happy clients. Our end goal, leaving customers with world-class products and incredible development teams capable of building on their success.

Working with Theodo has been a tremendous experience. They delivered, on time, a state-of-the-art platform leveraging best-in-class Agile practices. In addition, this dynamic and enthusiastic Theodo team always pushed us to reinvent ourselves to develop a game changing product. Can’t wait to work with them again!

Raphaël Caruso

Head of Innovation Lab

Theodo fostered a positive customer experience by launching the MVP in a very short timeframe. The team put the project before their own financial gain and excelled at managing expectations. Their ability to act as a full-service partner and provide substantial value spurs continued engagement.

Henry Leitzinger

Head of Homebrella

Theodo are more than just a digital product agency, they’ve been like a founders bootcamp for me - where you enter with an idea and leave with a finished product. The learning curve has been very steep but I feel well equipped to continue running my startup with the knowledge gained from their highly-professional and experienced team.

Anton Gabb

Founder & CEO

I appreciate how much you care, you guys are smart. It's so hard to find people who care like you guys do, it just feels as if you truly care about the product as much as us. It was a really enjoyable experience and you are really impressive. I think it was a great project and I would do it again.

Clause Schmitt

COO & Co-founder

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Why Theodo?


Over 500 products developed in London, Paris, and New York, showcasing our extensive expertise in software development best practices

Time to Market

Accelerate your software launch from months to weeks with our streamlined development processes

Continuous Improvement

Embracing Lean and Kaizen, the Japanese practices for continuous improvement, allows us to release quickly without compromising quality

Our expertise

A Product Software Agency that Develops Web, Mobile and Software Applications for our Customers to Gain Market Share

Web Development

We developed a cutting-edge web application enabling airlines to calculate optimised flight plans for fuel efficiency. Our ability to deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines sets us apart as a trusted partner in achieving remarkable digital transformations.

Without a CTO or in-house development team, Theodo helped Matchpint hire and train new developers and delivered in 6 weeks. With our guidance and support, Matchpint witnessed their digital presence skyrocket, paving the way for increased market share and business growth.
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Mobile App Development

Theodo is a software development agency that excels in delivering impactful mobile app solutions in record time. We developed smart software for Cleo that revolutionised their user experience, attracting 50k unique monthly users. Our team's expertise and agile approach ensured the timely delivery of this remarkable solution.

We undertook a transformative project with, creating a stunning showroom in just four weeks. From conception to execution, we seamlessly integrated web, iOS, and Android platforms, providing a cohesive and immersive omni-channel experience for's customers.