Generative AI Development Services

Embrace the future of digital innovation with Theodo. Pioneering the frontier with OpenAI, ChatGPT, LLM, Langchain, Vector databases, and Stable diffusion, we're redefining boundaries in Generative UX and AI Development Services. Our dedication propels the design of exhilarating 'Co-pilot experiences', accelerating the journey towards an intelligent digital era.
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AI based automation

Our Generative UX and AI Development Services embody a transformative leap into the future, allowing you to automate tasks to streamline efficiency and unlock limitless digital potential.

AI Co-pilot experiences

'Co-pilot experiences' aren't just about assistance—they're about augmenting productivity. Our tools integrate seamlessly, working alongside you to enhance performance and innovation.

Information retrieval

Leveraged Learning Models (LLMs) and Generative AI solutions are more than next-generation technologies; they expedite product development, enhance service delivery, and facilitate information retrieval, acting as invaluable assets in a fast-paced digital world.

GEN AI articles

Upgrade your PyTorch model to run on AWS Sagemaker

Discover steps to upgrade your normal PyTorch training script, into a Sagemaker-compatible script, that can be distributed over multiple GPU
Aydin Utting
 min read

Starter guide transfer styles with AI

Discover a ready-to-use implementation of a model for style transfer and see how it can be used as a data augmentation technique.
Mahaut Gérard @Sicara
 min read

Teaching Custom Knowledge to AI Chatbots

Discuss building a chatbot expert on your own database, prompt engineering, hyperparameter values, performance evalutation and much more!
Will Alexander
 min read


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We use cutting-edge technologies

Our development experts are trained in a range of technologies, such as creating native and web applications with a variety of cloud backend solutions, allowing us to service all our clients' needs.

why theodo?

A track record of delivery as early adopters of these technologies

At Theodo, we pride ourselves on a proven track record of successful projects; such as building an AI based reception desk for a major airline, information retrieval tools to smooth the internal processes for clients, and content generation for a publisher leading the way.

Our agile approach, underpinned by the deep expertise of our smart engineering team, helps us craft pragmatic, impactful solutions for digital challenges.
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We can bring your business ideas from proof of concept to scaled production ready applications

Unparalleled in our dedication to digital progress, we make innovation tangible, with speed and efficiency being our guiding principles. We stand out from the crowd with our ground-breaking use of tools like Langchain and HuggingFace, rapidly prototyping solutions that not only meet but anticipate our clients' needs.

Investing in Gen AI R&D

Our ongoing investment in LLMs and Generative AI reflects our commitment to user-centric design, enhancing user experiences while shaping the technological landscape to meet tomorrow's needs today.

Speed through close collaboration and iteration

At Theodo, we understand that each business is unique. This understanding is integral to our London-based operations, where our dedicated teams work closely with clients to create custom, technology-driven solutions.

Google cloud platform partners

Our partnership with GCP anchors us in an ecosystem of advanced tech tools, facilitating rapid, efficient software development, and robust scalability.