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Join high-performing companies like Netflix, Uber and Starbucks in harnessing the power of NextJS. Built with performance in mind, NextJS boosts both your discoverability and conversions - and we use it to help solve your biggest business challenges.
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How Theodo used React with Veygo

Admiral needed a React development agency to help them build their leading-edge short-term insurance web platform: Veygo.

As React experts, we used React, alongside redux, apollo-graphQL, and styled components for reusable UI. This gave us the specialist toolkit we needed to iterate fast on the quote engine we were building.We collaborated with UI/UX experts to solve the pain points encountered by customers and fine tune the user experience. As a result the quote engine grew from 0 to 1,000,000 monthly visitors. Our final product is SEO friendly, performance optimised and has a 9.3/10 revoo score (based off 2000+ reviews).

Our software developers created a shared components library via React which is helping Admiral to continue launching faster and more consistent UIs for their growing ecosystem of products.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Why Do We Use NextJS?

We use NextJS to help you solve your most pressing problems because it's tailor-made for fast, performant websites and is set up for effortless SEO out of the box. It is also built on top of React, making it easy to migrate existing React apps  - and when we're done, you can leverage your team's React expertise to maintain it in-house
Turbocharged performance: We harness the performance-boosting features built in to NextJS, including automatic code splitting and incremental static regeneration, to build you lightening fast web pages
Effortless SEO: We can use server-side rendering (SSR) capabilities of NextJS to make it quicker and easier for Google to index your site - effortlessly boosting your SEO ranking
Built on top of React: NextJS is built on top of one of the most popular web frameworks in the world, making it easy for your team to leverage their existing React expertise and migrate existing React apps with minimal effort

Why use React?

Our expert React developers use React because it's an increasingly popular front-end Javascript framework. It was developed by Facebook to encourage best practices around application design. Taking cues from functional and reactive programming it aims for simplicity and modularity for the developer and a seamless, dynamic experience for the user. React is a lightweight and focused technology, which works well on its own for simple sites or with a choice of other software for more complex applications. React makes no assumptions about what stack you're using so you're free to use whatever is best for the job.
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Why theodo

Trusted web development partner

We are supporting start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises in their web app development endeavours - and they keep coming back!

We build top rated web apps in record time

We apply best practices of over 500 products in London, Paris, and New York. Expertise and methodology help us develop state-of-the-art web apps in record time.

We create mission-critical NextJS apps

We've worked with large corporates, SMEs and startups: MADE.com, Admiral, Birdie, Société Générale, and Alfa Systems to name a few.

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