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From a solo, non-technical founder with an idea, to a revenue-generating MVP in 5 weeks

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Anton had the idea and the domain expertise, but as a non-tech founder, he needed a team to help him develop and realise his vision

Anton was a solo, first time founder. He worked for years in the commercial property market before spotting an opportunity and founding Wonderspace - an online platform, which matches companies looking for flexible office space with landlords and commercial space providers.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

He wanted to build a revenue-generating MVP to raise funds and attract top talent

Anton came to Theodo with an amazing idea and an initial mockup, but he needed a tangible, revenue-generating MVP to bring to investors. Without a CTO or an internal technical team, he wasn’t sure where or how to start.

Before beginning the project, Theodo challenged Anton on every aspect of his idea, his business and his product

He was encouraged to dig deeply into his motivations for the platform, the pain points of his customers and how we could overcome them. Anton was able to separate himself from the mockups and strip the idea back into its core functionality, encouraging him to approach his product with a Lean mindset in order to deliver the most value in the shortest time.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Anton was trained to be an effective product manager, who was able to lead a cross-functional team and guide the success of his product

By being fully integrated into the core development team at Theodo, Anton quickly learned Agile and Lean methodologies, which empowered his growth into an effective Product Manager. Working with Anton, Theodo tested the platform weekly with real end users and iterated based on this feedback. This enabled Anton to validate ideas in real-time and ensure every feature developed was of value.

Within four weeks, Anton had already recruited over 200 office locations to the platform just by demoing what Theodo had built thus far, and by week five, the MVP was complete and investor ready.

Anton Gabb
Founder & CEO
Theodo are more than just a digital product agency, they’ve been like a founders bootcamp for me - where you enter with an idea and leave with a finished product. The learning curve has been very steep but I feel well equipped to continue running my startup with the knowledge gained from their highly-professional and experienced team.

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