Cross-Platform App Development

Build native iOS & Android applications in weeks, not months, with the power of cross-platform.

Our team have over 7 years of React Native experience, in mobile application development for startups like Cleo and FTSE 100 businesses like Admiral.
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why Cross-platform

Why invest in Cross-Platform Development?

Looks and feels like a native app

Originally created by Facebook, and used by companies like Microsoft, Shopify, and Uber; React Native apps are native applications, introducing a layer of abstraction to give web-like development speed and flexibility. Using React Native app means you can deploy faster on both Android and iOS, without any sacrifice in performance or UX.

30% less time in development

In practice, developers work on a single codebase, making the development much faster. In our experience, an average of 30% of time is saved on the development and maintenance of Android and iOS apps, leading to a significant cost savings to our clients.

Access the React Ecosystem

React Native is very closely linked to the React framework, which is the most widely used web framework today. This opens the door to a thriving and rich ecosystem of libraries and tools that can speed up your team and improve productivity. At the same time, you benefit from a larger talent pool of web developers who can easily port over their React experience into the native world.

Cross-Platform articles

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We work across tech boundaries in Mobile...

Our team of over 150 mobile engineers have experience working on React Native, Flutter, as well as native iOS and Android development. This means that whatever tech your organisation is familiar with, Theodo can support.

Universal Apps

Share code across web & mobile speeding development even further!

Our experts have years of experience building universal apps, a single codebase that supports Web, iOS and Android, respecting the platform specific behaviours of each. This opens the door to even faster innovation and iterations, ultimately leading to further cost saving.
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Your Business Is in the Best Hands

Passionate about new technologies, we use our expertise in mobile app development software and agile thinking to develop solutions that will help you improve your performance, empower your brand, and bring growth. With Theodo you always know your business is in good hands.
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