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We are as comfortable helping start-ups develop their first digital solution as we are coaching enterprise clients on digital transformation and embedding our continuous improvement methodology into their organisations.

"Theodo allowed Immediate Media to hit the ground running and have been fantastic. We couldn't have moved at the speed we did without them. I looked forward to my daily interactions with the Product team, as they were always productive and good fun!"

Steve Wright
Head of Mobile

"I would definitely recommend Theodo to anyone who has digital products at the heart of their business."

Leo MacLehose

"We could not create this new product within our existing traditional IT structures. I knew we had to create a team separate from Admiral’s core structure and operations Theodo has been a great partner on this journey, helping us meet our first key milestone, and ensuring that Veygo was, is, and remains agile."

Jean-Baptiste Limare
Head of Veygo

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