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Leveraging Facebook to create a scalable start-up

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Marie-Caroline identified a gap in the market for peer-to-peer property lending and launched ‘Mi casa es tu casa’ to fill this

Marie-Caroline took advantage of Facebook groups to put exclusivity at the heart of Mi Casa’s trust based business model. Following great success, as a Facebook group with thousands of users, the platform was becoming tough to manage and needed to scale.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

As Mi Casa’s popularity increased, automation was required to scale

As the Mi Casa page grew in popularity, it became increasingly time-consuming to format posts and manually matchmake renters and owners. Theodo partnered with Marie-Caroline to build a new platform for Mi Casa, transforming it into a scalable business, whilst maintaining the network of trust offered by an exclusive Facebook group.

The new platform seamlessly integrates with Facebook, whilst improving the renting process

Marie-Caroline was fully integrated into the team as Product Owner, and together we built an MVP platform enabling trusted members to post, find and book holiday homes in just 5 weeks. Using ReactJS and Django, we seamlessly integrated with Stripe and Facebook APIs, maintained the exclusivity offered by a Facebook group, and improved the renting process through a smart search engine and intelligent ads.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Automation of Mi Casa allowed Marie-Caroline to save time and focus on attracting more users

The new Mi Casa platform offers an improved customer journey for both owners and renters via a flawless journey from Facebook to website. Meanwhile an automated process for posting advertisements saves time for site administrators and allows Marie-Caroline to focus on growing their client base.

MC Heydenreich
CEO & Founder
Mi Casa
"Five months after going live, the website is running smoothly and the sales are great! I would absolutely recommend Theodo and I hope to build software with them again in the future."

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