Launching MVP Services

Our industry-leading Launching MVP services help build custom Web & Mobile applications in weeks, not months. Delivering seamless experiences to your customers, clients or employees has become more essential than ever, especially as the 'self-serve' concept has become popular. We have delivered applications for a large range of clients, from startups like Cleo to FTSE 100 businesses like Admiral.
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Why launch AN mvp

Why consider launching an MVP with Theodo UK?

Bring value to your users quicker

Our methodology builds increasing efficiency into the way we work. This means delivering features as early and regularly as possible, critical for engaging your users from launch and reaching the market quicker than your competitors.

Build, Test & Iterate

The sooner your product is in the hands of your customers, the sooner you can get live user feedback. Theodo's process allows you to user-test your product earlier in the development process so you can improve based on your customer's feedback.

Flexibility to Innovate

As your user base grows, our focus on continuous improvement, through lean methodology, allows you to innovate faster and adapt your app based on their needs. This user-driven development ensures you are always delivering maximum value.


Theodo allowed Immediate Media to hit the ground running and have been fantastic. We couldn't have moved at the speed we did without them. I looked forward to my daily interactions with the Product team, as they were always productive and good fun!

Steve Wright

Head of Mobile, Immediate Media

The switch from full speed feature delivery to managing live deployments was seamless, and a testament to our close collaboration. Theodo stepped back and allowed us to take the reins which was expertly managed. The team utterly smashed it.

Paul Reeve

Product Owner

MVP articles

Build an MVP that maximises ROI

By reacting quickly, organisations can converge on a solution that truly solves its customers’ pain points.
Nicolas Taborisky
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Choose your vue code reuse pattern

We found a lot of solutions in the Vue documentation such as Mixins, composition API and scoped slots. Choose yours correctly.
Théo Dollé
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Have your MVP running in 15min thanks to serverless

Discover how serverless works and be guided through a benchmark on when to use Serverless, an EC2 or a Heroku server!
Yu Ling Cheng
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Technologies we specialise in

Our development experts are trained in a range of technologies, such as creating native and web applications with a variety of cloud backend solutions, allowing us to service all our clients' needs.

why theodo?

We create mission critical apps

As a Group, our experience spans over 10 years, 11 businesses and hundreds of client products. Our teams are composed of visionaries and innovators, whose collective goal is to deliver as much value to your users in as little time as possible.

We bring our clients into the development process from start to finish, delivering tangible solutions as early as possible in the process.
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With Theodo you always know your business is in good hands.

Passionate about new technologies, we use our expertise in mobile & web app development and agile thinking to develop the best solutions that will help you improve your app's performance, empower your brand, and bring growth to your business.

Deliver instant value to users

Whether you have 20 or 2000 users, put your app in their hands in weeks not months. Our user-first MVP approach delivers value from first release.

Innovate & iterate

As your business grows and innovates, allow your app to do the same. We build iteratively to make sure we deliver maximum value.

User feedback-driven

React to your user's feedback in real-time. Our methodology is centred around continuous improvement through live user feedback.