Want to become a Leader of the future?

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Theodo Mission

Our Mission: Train the next Generation of Leaders in the technical space

At Theodo we strive to create an environment of innovation, learning and development.

With Lean and Agile at the heart of everything we do, we understand that continuous improvement is key to building this environment and growing Leaders.

Through extensive coaching, hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn from industry experts and Thought Leaders, Theodo Group has a unique ability to help you hit the ground running in the early stages of your career all the way through to Leadership.

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Fast-Track Your Progression!

We believe hands-on training is the best way for you to learn! You'll be working with clients from day one, learning from our experienced scrum teams who will prepare you to start on your own project by week three.
Continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do! We encourage Theodoer's to progress in their role at least every year. This means more leadership opportunities, new challenges and advanced compensation to match.
Take ownership with innovative methodology! We encourage all our Theodoers to apply the principles of Lean & Agile across the company. This means looking for areas of improvement and problem-solving to innovate.
Learn the principles of coaching and leadership within whichever track you take within Theodo Group.

Innovative Tech & Methodologies

Our main tech stack is React, React Native, Node.js,  Django, and Serverless.
Develop multi-platform apps with React Native and Serverless technologies.
DevOps system administration with Docker, Google Cloud Platform or AWS.
Lean management principles, such as Kaizen, are utilised for continuous improvement company-wide.
Agile Project Management across all our client projects to deliver MVPs iteratively.
Cross-Functional teams collaborating to deliver ingenious solutions.
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Learn from Experts across Theodo Group

Interact with executives, product owners and engineers to further your understanding of product development and leadership.

Collaborate in cross-functional teams

Throughout your career at Theodo, you will have the opportunity to work with lots of Theodoers to reach common goals.

Carry Strategic level topics

Using Lean frameworks, such as Kaizen, you will have the opportunity to solve challenges related to our strategy or that of your client and share your learnings.

Our values

Team spirit

Our team has a natural ability to work together to achieve a common goal. Taking on the role of a good teammate requires courage; it means challenging and giving each other feedback. It's key to our teams succeeding.
Monthly Peer Reviews
Weekly Coaching Sessions
Monthly Coaching Lunch
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Achieving effective results by utilising resources efficiently and avoiding unnecessary waste of time, energy and money. Emphasising agile practices, employing concise and direct interactions and engaging in firsthand experiences to challenge beliefs.
Daily Problem Solving
Go & See Approach
User Testing

Willingness to improve

Actively identifying areas for improvement rather than tolerating good enough, promptly learning from problems and embracing challenges outside of one's comfort zone. These are all skills we promote in our team to benefit themselves, fellow Theodoers, Theodo, and the wider community.
Weekly Training Sessions
Continuous Improvement Frameworks
Dojo Deliberate Practice
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We’re looking for talented people

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people to foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work and progress as quickly as possible in your pathway towards leadership.

Business Development

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Technical Development

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