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We build your tech capability, to give you an edge in your market  

We are London-based full-stack software developers and agile experts.

We bring together the expertise in product organisation, cloud-native tech and delivery methodology to develop your web & mobile applications to a premium standard in record time.

And then we help you build the tech capability to stand out in your market.

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We develop web, mobile and software applications that allow our customers to gain market share

Web Development

We developed a web application that allows airlines to calculate new flight plans to save fuel.

Without a CTO or in-house development team, Theodo helped Matchpint hire and train new developers and delivered in 6 weeks.

Theodo Web development

Mobile App Development

From a chatbot with smart software that redirects users to the right experts for better quality of advice on the site.

To a full Omnichannel React migration with MADE.com that used web, iOS and Android.


Why Theodo?



Software development best practices applied on over 500 products in London, Paris and New York


Launch new software in weeks, not months


Embracing Lean and Kaizen, the Japanese practices for continuous improvement, allows us to release quickly without compromising quality

100% of our customers recommended us in 2018 and 2019

Our collaborative methodology leads to lasting partnership and happy clients. We are obsessed with leaving our customers with amazing products, and incredible development teams capable of building on this success.

G. Tandon
G. Tandon
Head of Digital Software, Asia-Pacific
“Delivering our mobile app fast and on time was critical. To achieve this, the development team found pragmatic technical software solutions that also accommodated our specific business needs. I was impressed by the quality of work and the transparency of the process throughout.”
R. Caruso
R. Caruso
Head of Innovation Lab
“Working with Theodo has been a tremendous experience. They delivered, on time, a state-of-the-art platform that leveraged best-in-class Agile practices and cutting edge software. The dynamic and enthusiastic team pushed us to develop a game-changing product. Can’t wait to work with them again!”
Geert Engels
Geert Engels
Director Of Engineering
“I was impressed with the technical and methodological training provided by the Theodo team. Not only did they allow us to launch our mobile and web app, but also enhanced our London Showroom customer journey through an innovative touch screen experience while leaving us with a strong team to continue development going forward.”
S. Taplin
S. Taplin
“Even with products that support a diverse, global customer base, Theodo's agility truly sped up development. By delivering state of the art mobile software with weekly iterations and daily communication, Theodo let us focus on other aspects of the project. The methodology was so powerful that all Alfa teams now work with it as result.”
MC Heydenreich
CEO & Founder
“Five months after going live, the website is running smoothly and the sales are great! I would absolutely recommend Theodo and I hope to work with them again in the future.”
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