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Why use Angular JS

Angular is a leading Javascript framework developed and supported by Google. It extends HTML to add powerful dynamic features in an intuitive and flexible way.  It enables us to create flexible, streamlined single page applications rapidly and effectively.

Amazon, Paypal, Walmart all use Angular JS as it is hugely extensible and has a vast library of pre configured modules and components. It is the ideal framework to build and support single page applications.

This allows for rapid development of complex interfaces and re-usability of built components to speed up delivery. 

Why is it used?


Angular is designed to be highly extensible. The Angular community is constantly producing high quality libraries and modules, meaning less time is spent re-solving old problems.


Functional and unit testing is vital to produce reliable applications. Angular has been built with testing in mind and provides tools to make every step of the process easier and less error-prone.


Angular separates the data and logic from the details of how it is displayed. This allows each to change independently without breaking the other.

The Benefits

  • Mature and well supported

  • Huge ecosystem

  • Supports a modular, component-based approach

  • Data binding means the UI is always up to date

  • Common use-cases such as form validation are built in

  • Highly extensible


"Brilliant for creating complex single page websites. It's so flexible, I can adapt the frameworks really easily to get the right outcome for the solution I'm building."


How We Used Angular For

For Lifeshifter we produced a bespoke application to form the basis of their flexible working marketplace. We used Angular as it allowed us to hit the ground running. Using a combination of mature modules from the open-source community and custom written components, we delivered an MVP which supports candidates in finding and applying for flexible work as well as providing an extensive administration interface for Lifeshifter.

Angular gave us a solid basis to work on, so we could concentrate on the business problem and producing a solution which can continue to be extended as the business grows in the future.

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