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Get the most out of AWS Services



Why AWS?

Create business value quickly by accelerating your go-to-market approach.

With AWS, you can leverage services like Amazon RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFront, or CloudFormation to easily create and deploy your application in multiple regions around the world with just a few clicks.

Our experts are AWS Certified and can help you define the right scalable architecture from the start of the project.

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Create a quality app in minutes.

Thanks to the knowledge we have gathered across the 100+ projects we have delivered, we have created a generator allowing us to bootstrap an application by running only one command.

This allows us to focus directly on building business features from the first day on the project.


The innovative pay-per-use model of Serverless services means you pay nothing when your applications are not used. Currently ~85% of enterprise server capacity goes to waste, and Serverless can ensure you're not paying for this waste.


We partner with Serverless Inc. to build state of the art Serverless architectures with our clients, collaborate on new technologies and create cutting-edge content around using Serverless.

How Veygo used AWS


With the power of AWS, the technologies we used and our go-to-market methodology, we were able to launch and iterate in record time, proving the market fit for this innovative product.