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Mobile App Development

Bespoke iOS & Android applications

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Our clients

Delivering a seamless native mobile experience to your customers, clients or employees has become more important than ever, especially as the 'self-serve' concept has become popular. Users expect applications that are functionally rich, bench-marking against popular apps such as Facebook, BBC News and Monzo for example.

Building a bespoke mobile application that has a smooth experience, is functionally useful and one that you're proud to brag about without breaking the bank can be tricky. You must pick the right technology, be it React Native, Flutter or going native entirely, so you can build a high quality app on iOS & Android at speed, whilst leveraging best practice from the market.

Who We Have Helped


We delivered an omni-channel experience with applications on mobile, web and and in the London showroom. 


After delivering the web platform, we built a mobile app to enable Admiral Veygo's users to buy short-term car insurance in seconds on the move.

cleo logo copy2

We built a chatbot app to unlock new growth opportunities for Cleo. 



We build top-rated, state-of-the-art native apps for both platforms in record time.

We started developing React Native apps just six months after Facebook first released the technology. We’re so enthusiastic about it that we run the React Native London Meetup

Time to market


Our methodology builds increasing efficiency into the way we work. This means shipping code as early and regularly as possible. This is critical for getting to market quickly, where you will be able to learn and improve based on how your customers use your product.



Our framework is inspired by agile, lean, scrum and devops thinking. We’ve honed our approach over 10 years of building software for clients

What Our Clients Say

Geert Engels
Geert Engels
Director of Engineering
“I was impressed with the technical and methodological training provided by the Theodo team. Not only did the allow us to launch our mobile and web add, but also enhanced our London Showroom customer journey through an innivotive touch screen experience while leaving us with a strong team to continue development going forward”
S. Taplin
“Even with products that support a diverse, global customer base, Theodo's agility truly sped up development. By delivering State of the art mobile software with weekly iterations and daily communication, Theodo lets us focus on other aspects of the project. The methodology was so powerful that all Alfa teams now work with it as a result.”

Your Business Is In Good Hands

Passionate about new technologies, we are experts in software engineering and agile, able to understand the business issues of customers and develop in record time the digital solutions that will allow clients to improve their performance.

Our team is full of future CEOs and CTOs. 

We have delivered mobile applications for start-ups in their earliest stages, to scale-ups hitting thousands of users and to larger organisations on their digital transformation journey. 


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Why Choose Us?


We pride ourselves on building successful digital products, whilst giving our clients an exceptional experience in doings so.

Our experience spans over 10 years, across 8 businesses all part of the M33 group, covering clients globally. 

We're constantly iterating and advancing on best practice, so you can be assured that your application will be built the right way.

If you are interested in any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us using our form submission, email us at contact@theodo.co.uk or give us a call on 020 3872 2922.