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BNP Paribas wanted to create an app that provided digital access to news, fund information and insights as well as views from their fund managers. They wanted to seamlessly present to their clients an interactive view of their investment/fund performance, rather than handling piles of physical documents.


The Challenge

  • Build a multilingual application including Chinese with right to left script
  • Plug into a bank’s backend to receive data about the fund
  • Enable non-technical users to populate and present information to clients in a simplistic and interactive way
  • Build fast, 5 weeks, but in a sustainable manner

Theodo's Solution

  • Developed a custom-built React Native application, for iOS and Android. Integrated with an Admin panel built in Angular & Python (Flask)
  • Displayed data on interactive charts, illustrating fund performance
  • Reused the bank's already existing tools to send the translation and content to the app 
  • Pushed the app to the stores, ensuring only certified access via login

Business Value Delivered

  • Paper-based display now digitised and interactive for the user
  • MVP in 5 weeks
  • More seamless pitches with clients


Technologies used

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