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Creating a video sharing platform to challenge the social media market

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Yuron planned to rapidly challenge the social media market.

YurOn came to us as a brand new startup seeking to develop a video sharing mobile application that focused on building a community for sharing challenge videos with friends and the wider public. After the completion of the MVP YurOn have continued to develop the app and expand their user base.


Utilising agile to enable rapid delivery.

Yuron didn’t have the in-house expertise required to create a proof of concept in time for their next round of investment. Also, Yuron’s video-sharing target market was competitive, with new competitors appearing quickly. Using the USP of challenges videos and an agile approach to development, they planned to rapidly challenge the established players.

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I appreciate how much you care, you guys are smart. It's so hard to find people who care like you guys do, it just feels as if you truly care about the product as much as us. It was a really enjoyable experience and you are really impressive. I think it was a great project and I would do it again.

Clause Schmitt
COO & Co-founder

Developing an MVP application in 6 weeks using React Native framework.

Theodo collaborated with the clients in-house UX designer and backend specialist to deliver the project rapidly. The MVP allowed the user to create, vote and share videos as well as add their own profile and add their friends. We were then able to release a Beta before the end of the project to start rolling on initial users and building a community at a sustainable rate with the client.


Building a user-base and gaining feedback.

Delivering the beta version of the application allowed YurOn to showcase a working proof of  concept to investors in rapid time. This contributed to the start-up receiving further funding. The project also allowed Yuron to onboard users quickly to gain valuable user feedback as well as building a stable community.

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Technologies used on the project :

App centre


React native

Circle CI



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